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Vanel fixed his at once humble and dull look upon Colbert, who could hardly tell whether Vanel had comprehended him or not.

Madame Vanel dreams of nothing else but being called Madame la Procureuse-Generale, and that it makes her ill and keeps her awake every night she does not dream of it.

Aramis, still playing with his knife, fixed a look upon Vanel which seemed as if he wished to penetrate to the innermost recesses of his heart.

Monsieur Vanel, there is not a matter of business in this world, however important it may be, which cannot be postponed in order to oblige a man who, by that means, might and would be made a devoted friend.

Monsieur Vanel, since the value of the service he had received would have been so considerable.

The hoods were thrown back: one of the women was Madame Vanel, the other was the Duchesse de Chevreuse.

Marguerite Vanel plunged it straight into the hearts of the two confidants.

With leaders Bill Kelley and Kyle Sterling and trainers Sinead McGarry, Kenneth Kamala, Monique Vanel, Ahmad al-Robayan, and Lumilla Cherkassov looking on, the team was making its farewells to the new dogs.

Vanel then ran hastily to the door, hurried along the vestibules, and fled.