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Vand may refer to:

  • VAND, the ICAO airport code for Nanded Airport (Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Airport), in India
  • Vand., the botanical abbreviation for Domenico Vandelli
  • 129595 Vand (1997 VD), the asteroid, whose name is "Vand"
  • V Andromedae (V And), the variable star
  • Nu Andromedae (ν And), the naked eye binary star

Usage examples of "vand".

If we do it will be worth what we can get for it-say three to five centsand the demurrage on the Malayan will be two thour NEVER THE TWAIN SHALL MEET 285 vand dollars a day.

Tetrick, Richard Freeborn, Robert Silverberg, Cory Doctorow, Michael Swanwick, Charles Stross, Craig Engler, Linn Prentis, Vaughne Lee Hansen, Jed Hartman, Mary Anne Mohanraj, Susan Marie Groppi, Patrick Swenson, Tom Vander Neut, Andy Cox, Steve Pendergrast, Laura Ann Gilman, Alastair Reynolds, Warren Lapine, Shawna McCarthy, David Hartwell, Darrell Schweitzer, Robert Sawyer, Jennifer A.

We watch as Moyer renders the Yankees outfielder, John Vander Wal, helpless.

Vander went to the drip coffee machine on the counter behind his desk and poured two cups.

It would not end, Vander knew, until Ghost decided that the firbolg had outlived his usefulness.

He knew he might be overstepping his bounds, but he could not let Vander have such an obvious advantage in their dealings.

It took me a while to locate Vander, but I finally caught him in the impression lab, where pizza boxes ingenious cops used to transport plaster casts of tire tracks and footwear prints were neatly stacked in corners, and a door someone had tried to kick in was leaning against a wall.

Gigantic Vander, all twelve feet and eight hundred pounds of him, had even helped Pikel, the would-be druid, redye his hair and beard green and braid the bushy tangle down his back.

They crossed the bulk of the Snowflakes in mere minutes, all of them, Vander and Ivan included, now in wholehearted agreement that the choice to ride the tamed wyrm had been a good one.