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The Collaborative International Dictionary
Valuable consideration

Valuable \Val"u*a*ble\, a.

  1. Having value or worth; possessing qualities which are useful and esteemed; precious; costly; as, a valuable horse; valuable land; a valuable cargo.

  2. Worthy; estimable; deserving esteem; as, a valuable friend; a valuable companion.

    Valuable consideration (Law), an equivalent or compensation having value given for a thing purchased, as money, marriage, services, etc.

valuable consideration

n. (context legal English) An equivalent or compensation having value given for a thing purchased, such as money, marriage, services, etc.

Usage examples of "valuable consideration".

And then he thought suddenly that in business transactions the courts of law did not recognize a contract wherein no valuable consideration had been given by one party to the other.

Knight had taken in for him, he had paid a valuable consideration for it.

The doctrine laid down may be limited in future cases, but in that case the court said very plainly that transfer by a husband of community funds in payment of a gambling debt was within the meaning of the law a transfer without the consent of the wife and without the receipt of any valuable consideration by the husband.

He had the innkeeper chase the little insect out with a broom, and got down to negotiating how much valuable consideration the township could expect as recompense for the cultural, aesthetic and environmental deprivation they hoped to experience with the loss of their unicorn.

It is widely believed among Baltimore County sheriff's officers that Split City also hides good and valuable consideration from the bankruptcy courts.

No one goes to the trouble and energy to place an outpost all the way out in space without some valuable consideration.