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Vall is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Ely Ould Mohamed Vall (born 1953), Mauritanian military officer
  • Raymond Vall (born 1942), French politician

Usage examples of "vall".

First Level city of Dhergabar, Tortha Karf, Chief of Paratime Police, leaned forward in his chair to hold his lighter for his special assistant, Verkan Vall, then lit his own cigarette.

Unlike Verkan Vall and Zortan Brend, who wore shoulder holsters under their short tunics, the Assassins openly displayed pistols and knives on their belts.

Verkan Vall watched heavily-armed airboats and light combat ships patrolling among the high towers of the city.

Verkan Vall turned from the visiplate to the forward windows, he could see the white and pastel-tinted towers of the city rising above the hardwood forests that covered the whole Volga basin on this sector.

Independent Institute of Reincarnation Research when Verkan Vall, accompanied by Marnik, called there that afternoon.

Verkan Vall said shortly, thinking of all the different time-lines on which he had seen systems like that in operation.

Verkan Vall concentrated on the man beside her until the picture faded.

Verkan Vall was afraid the fellow would have an apoplectic stroke, or an epileptic fit.

Verkan Vall shouted them down, drawing on his hypnotically acquired knowledge of Akor-Neb duelling customs.

And Klarnood was looking at Verkan Vall with a considerable accretion of respect.

Ever since arising, Verkan Vall had heard the crash of small arms and the hammering of automatic weapons in other parts of the towering city-unit.

Verkan Vall even recognized the extremely ornate pistol and knife on his belt.

Verkan Vall replied noncommittally, as he, Dirzed and Olirzon climbed out of the airboat.

Dalla wore the same costume Verkan Vall had seen on the visiplate: he recognized her instantly.

It took her a second or two to perceive Verkan Vall under the brown skin and black hair of the Lord Virzal of Verkan.