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Valk is a surname. It means "falcon" in Dutch and can be of metonymic origin referring to a falconer. Alternatively, it can be patronymic, son of Falk/Falco, a West Frisian given name.[] 1 There were 4380 people with the surname in the Netherlands in 2007.[] The name Valk in Estonia (895 people)2 may be related to the town Valka. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Curtis Valk (born 1993), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Frederick Valk (1895–1956), German actor
  • Garry Valk (born 1967), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Gerard Valk (1652–1762), Dutch cartographer and globe maker
  • Heiki Valk (born 1959), Estonian archaeologist
  • Heinz Valk (born 1936), Estonian artist, caricaturist and politician
  • Henry S. Valk (born 1929), American physicist
  • Kate Valk (born 1956), American artist
  • Mats Valk (born 1996), Dutch Rubik's Cube speedsolver
  • :de:Ria Valk (born 1941), Dutch zangeres and television presenter
  • Rüdiger Valk (born 1945), German mathematician
  • Veronika Valk (born 1976), Estonian architect
  • :es:Willem Valk (1898–1977), Dutch sculptor
  • William Valk (1806–1879), American Civil War surgeon and politician

Usage examples of "valk".

Chief Inspector van der Valk spat thoughtfully into the wastepaper basket.

Van der Valk got little impression beyond a fair, rather stupid, likeable face that had been very pretty and was even now only a little fleshy.

Van der Valk drank a cup of coffee, watching a tall boy who stood alone, slouched against the counter staring at nothing.

Van der Valk watched Arlette, talking to the pianist, and Hjalmar, chatting with a little group around the bar.

Van der Valk illogically, why do I have this rage for understanding people?

Van der Valk knew that he would be very lucky ever to get further in his profession than he was now.

Van der Valk thought him both cunning and stupid, rather an unsympathetic child.

Van der Valk smoked his cigar peacefully, staring at the lazy fan of smoke.

Van der Valk guessed, indeed, that this righteousness was often a source of conflict in his house.

Van der Valk told him to be in readiness for a possible judicial enquiry and a conceivable criminal process, in which case his objections would interest nobody.

I want to be notified, and one of your boys, Van der Valk, can go and pick him up.

Van der Valk brought out one of his business cards and tossed it across the table.

Van der Valk did not tell him either where he had been or what he thought.

Chief Inspector van der Valk of the Amsterdamse juvenile bureau, who is conducting the preliminary investigation, has refused to say more at present, stating that the affair is not yet a judicial enquiry, but it is believed that he is confident of rolling up this band of marauders.

Boy would say a lot, no doubt, whatever he thought Van der Valk would like to hear, and would that be any good?