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n. (plural of vail English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: vail)

Usage examples of "vails".

There will be little things you may want to purchase, and vails to the servants, you know, and so on.

Inn servants made most of their money from the vails of rich guests, and this one looked good for guineas.

When she left Staplewood, she would leave also everything that Lady Broome had given her, and how, with barely enough in hei purse to bestow vails on Ellen, and on Pennymore, was she to purchase her bride-clothes?

He then spent a happy evening discussing with him such anxious matters as what he should bestow in vails at Crossley, how best to convey his hunters there, and whether he would be expected to wear knee-breeches in the evening.

With a sigh, recalling that all her money was at the bottom of a river in Tolnoxo, she withdrew a few trinkets for vails as well.