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Vahe also known as Vahe Haykazuni was a legendary king of Armenia (351 BC – 331 BC). He was the last offspring of the Hayk Dynasty.

According to Moses of Khoren, he was an ally of Darius III King of Persia. He revolted against Alexander the Great and fought to the bitter end and died in battle.

Because of his bravery, his name Vahe, became synonymous for the Armenians as a true warrior and a true king. Many Armenians are named Vahe (or Vahé) after him, Vahe being a common given name.

With his death, the Armenian Haikazuni dynasty came to an end Armenian was subjected to 10 years of Macedonian rule.

Vahe (given name)

Vahe sometimes Vahé is a given name in Armenian (in Armenian Վահե in Western Armenian Վահէ).

Notable people with the name include:

  • Vahe (351 BC – 331 BC), also known as Vahe Haykazuni, legendary king of Armenia. He was the last offspring of the Haik Dynasty.
  • Vahe Aghabegians (born 1952), Armenian technology expert
  • Vahe Enfiajyan (born 1978), Armenian politician and MP
  • Vahe Gurzadyan, Armenian mathematical physicist and professor
  • Vahe Hakobyan (born 1977), Armenian politician and MP
  • Vahé Katcha (1928-2003), French Armenian writer, screenwriter and journalist
  • Vahé Oshagan (1922–2000), Armenian poet, writer, literary critic
  • Vahe Stepanyan (born 1948), Armenian jurist
  • Vahe Tadevosyan (born 1983), Armenian football player
  • Vahe Tilbian, Ethiopian Armenian singer and part of Genealogy that represented Armenian in Eurovision Song Contest 2015