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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Vade \Vade\ (v[=a]d), v. i. [For fade.] To fade; hence, to vanish. [Obs.] `` Summer leaves all vaded.''

They into dust shall vade.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Latin, imperative singular of vadere "to go" (see vamoose).


vb. (context obsolete English) To fade; to vanish.


Usage examples of "vade".

And she handed him a small, poorly printed volume called The Industrious Boys Vade Mecum.

He then pointed to Vade Mecum and she started to explain that this was Latin, but she realized from teaching children that this was supererogatory.

I replied, pulling up my shirt and presenting the Vade mecum of pleasure to her eyes.

The calendar was intended as a vade mecum for still inexperienced Masters in their first years in office, and led the Magister through his entire working and official year, from week to week, reminding him of his duties sometimes in mere cue phrases, sometimes with detailed descriptions and personal recommendations.

In the lift she had been flipping through 'The Treatment', the odd little vade mecum from the desk drawer, shaking her head in amazement, and now she was so absorbed in it she almost came to a halt.

He could guess the dockyard storekeeper's answer to such a requisition: a large packet of blank paper, a box of powder for making ink, a couple of dozen quills and a few straight-edges, and the suggestion that the Calypso make use of the Seaman's Vade Mecum (which gave specimens of just about every form, voucher, list and report used in the Navy) and draw her own.