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n. (context now historical English) The (w: Voluntary Aid Detachment), a women′s first-aid organisation active during World War I and World War II, or a member of this detachment.


VÄD is a brand of vodka. Produced in the United States by New Age Wine and Spirits, VÄD undergoes quintuple distillation. The cap of VÄD bottles serves as a shot glass, a bar jigger or a shot glass rimmer. VÄD received a silver medal in the 2010 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Vad (Olt)

The Vad (also called the Râul Vadului or Paltin) is a right tributary of the river Olt in Romania. It discharges into the Olt in Lazaret. The upper reach of the river is sometimes called the Căprărețu River.

Usage examples of "vad".

But now Anakin and Jacen were dead, and Jaina--Jaina was making Ganner frighteningly aware that she was the granddaughter of Darth Vader.

Bij de zesde poging had Tikat Vader van Ons Allen geleerd de Runa te fokken.

Vadim held it up to one of his eyes, for all the world like a horologist studying some fabulous movement.

Eenige zonneschijn vloot langs de ronding van het gordijn naar binnen en omgaf hem op de bank, waar hij zat, met een lichten glans, en zij ontstelde, toen zij hem, in die verheerlijking, treffend heuren vader zag gelijken.

Jeremy could get into Hell and have great, dark, antiheroic adventures in a fucking Darth Vader costume.

Vadim, under the command of Captain Ashiant, as he and the ships backtrack the fleeing Hiver spheres.

Vader turned to survey the government buildings that rose out of the petaled extensions of land that the Sathans had constructed in an aquamarine sea.

At the other end of the evolutionary scale was Vadim Zhdanov, their leader in the SVR.

When he realized he alone was left standing among his SVR agents and that a man who fit the description given by the director of the Institute was wading through the bodies of his team toward him, Vadim Zhdanov did the only thing he could do under the circumstances.

So the Darth Vader Suit was built around a drysuit, which is waterproof.

Unless you care to count the coin Jabba would pay, or others, including Darth Vader.

If the web that Xizor spun had resulted in Boba Fett's destruction, that was only a byproduct of the scheme meant to crush Lord Darth Vader.

Han's ready to blow Vader up, but Sodarra has an ace up his sleeve: Goot, he reveals, is a bounty hunter Vader's been known to hire.

He had interpreted the painting as an admonition that darkness could be defeated by meeting it squarely and shattering it with light, and when Leia had ultimately accepted Han's view, it had allowed her to reconcile her ongoing confliction over the fact that Anakin Skywalker, her actual father, and Darth Vader had been one and the same person.

Music: Music from ROTJ (scene where Vader arrives at Death Star) is played.