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The Collaborative International Dictionary

n. (cx veterinary surgery English) A piece of strong steel wire with the ends curved and pointed, used on toe or quarter cracks to bind the edges together and prevent motion. It is clasped into two notches, one on each side of the crack, burned into the wall with a cautery iron.

Usage examples of "vachette".

I was just struggling with my inner vachette and pondering the depths of my own inhumanity.

An enormous truck had been brought in, the pool had been filled, and the volunteers had been trying to coax their latest vachette into the water.

The vachette looked the other way, pretending to admire a herd of friendly cows grazing in the distance, and then, her head lowered, she charged, catching the contestant in the lower back and jabbing him, tossing him with her long, crooked horns.

The vachettes charged, the volunteers ran for their lives, and the audience cheered.

I was introduced to the man seated beside me, a retired roofer who explained that the vachettes were from a small town in southern France, not far from the Spanish border.

The only ones who appeared to understand the rules were the vachettes themselves, whose instructions seemed pretty straightforward: attack, attack, attack.

Between the puny pops of Roman candles and the hisses of launching rockets, we could hear the vachettes bitterly lowing from within their nearby trailer.