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Vacca (grammarian)

Vacca was a 6th-century grammarian who studied and commented on the works of Lucan. Little is known of Vacca other than that he wrote Vita Lucani (Life of Lucan), which is not to be confused with Suetonius' Vita Lucani.

Vacca's commentaries were used in the medieval study of Lucan. Though he is not named, evidence of Vacca's writing appears in the 10th-century works Commenta Bernensia and Adnotationes super Lucanum.

Vacca's Life of Lucan gives sole accounts of many of Lucan's lost works, as well as accounts of the feud between Lucan and Nero, which agrees with Tacitus' and contradicts Suetonius'.

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Vacca (rapper)

Vacca also known as Vaccaman, Mr. Vacca, Lil' Mocho or Devil The Rasta (born Alessandro Vacca on 21 October 1979) is an Italian rapper who lives in Kingston, married to a Jamaican woman.


Vacca may refer to:

  • Vacca (surname)
  • Vacca (grammarian), 6th Century grammarian
  • Vacca (rapper) (born 1979), Italian rapper
  • Lago della Vacca, lake in Lombardy, Italy
Vacca (surname)

Vacca is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Claudio Vacca (1915–1985), Argentine footballer
  • Charles Vacca, a shooting instructor who was shot and killed on August 25, 2014
  • Domenico Vacca, Italian fashion designer
  • Flaminio Vacca (1538–1605), Italian sculptor
  • Frank Vacca, American politician
  • Giovanni Vacca (mathematician) (1872–1953), Italian mathematician
  • Giovanni Vacca (physiologist), Italian physiologist
  • James Vacca, American politician
  • Tony Vacca (percussionist), American jazz drummer