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n. vacation.


Vaca, derived from Latin vacca, is a word meaning “ cow” in several Ibero-Romance languages. It also may refer to:

In geography:

  • Vaca Mountains, a mountain range in Napa County, California
  • Vaca Díez Province, Bolivia
  • Vaca Mare River, a tributary of the Siriu River in Romania
  • Vaca Mică River, a tributary of the Siriu River in Romania
  • Mount Vaca, located in northern California
  • Key Vaca, an island in the middle Florida Keys
  • Vaca, the former name for Crișan village, Ribița Commune, Hunedoara County, Romania

In people:

  • Danny Vaca (born 1990), Ecuadorian football (soccer) player
  • Doyle Vaca (born 1979), Bolivian football (soccer) player
  • Edder Vaca (born 1985), Ecuadorian football (soccer) player
  • Eduardo Vaca, Argentine politician
  • Jorge Vaca (born 1959), Mexican boxer
  • Joselito Vaca (born 1984), Bolivian football (soccer) player
  • Piraí Vaca, Bolivian classical guitarist

In other:

  • Vaca Valley Railroad, operated at Vacaville, California in the late 19th century
  • Vacation

Usage examples of "vaca".

Longarm agreed they were at least a couple of furlongs east of the line, and explained they were looking for a spread that branded with either an inverted sombero or a cabeza de vaca chongo.

Opposed is the influential little treatise by Yussuf Khadrun, De Vacae in Arbores, which holds that ends, rather than means, are the Examiners' primary concern: that the excellence for which Milo was rewarded lay not in his athletic record but in his radical (and in the final sense practical) solution of an apparently flunking predicament.

Harper accepted his beer, while Carson and de Vaca drank club sodas.

De Vaca typed in the commands, and the CCD chips captured the diffraction pattern from sixteen separate angles.

Even if the brags were true, which Alex gravely doubted, a great seducer would be nothing but a living fossil on the Moon, under the conditions de Tohil Vaca had specified.