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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ I also use the vac in the garden, collecting leaves, grass and hedge clippings.
▪ I know that I am not meant to vac up the spiders, just their cobwebs.
▪ I met him during the summer vac.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1709 as a colloquial shortening of vacation (n.); 1942 as a colloquial shortening of vacuum (v.); 1974 as a colloquial shortening of vacuum cleaner.


n. 1 (context informal English) A vacation. 2 (context informal English) A vacuum cleaner. vb. To vacuum; to clean with a vacuum cleaner.


n. informal term for vacation


VAC or Vac may refer to:


Vāk or Vāc (, stem , nominative ) is the Sanskrit word for "speech", from a verbal root "speak, tell, utter".

Personified, Vāk is a goddess; in the Veda she is also represented as created by Prajapati and married to him; in other places she is called the "mother of the Vedas" and associate of Indra. In Hinduism, she is identified with Sarasvati.


Vác (; ; ; ) is a town in Pest county in Hungary with approximately 35,000 inhabitants. The archaic spelling of the name is Vácz.

Usage examples of "vac".

There was a vac sled, an emgee maneuvering harness, a skintight suit with recycling gear and extra oxy bottles.

I gotta go all the way back to the air lock, put a man in a spacesuit, wait till he vacs the lock, wait till he matches hub spin, goes out, gets the charges, matches spin again, waits for the air pumps, and hands me the tanks like a good little boy!

I want you to get over to the pro shop and get yourself fitted for a vac suit, get checked out on it, and get out to the boat.

Their individual weapons and rucksacks were on their knees, piled on top of each other, and each cocoon top sprouted a combat helmet, currently configured to do service as a vac helmet for the chameleon suit of the trooper inside it.