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For the Va'adat Ezrah Vehatzalah, known as the Vaad, see Aid and Rescue Committee

Vaad is a Hebrew term for a council of rabbis. It is a diasporic phenomenon, having no precedent in Talmudic times. A Vaad has different responsibilities from a beth din (rabbinical court). __TOC__

Usage examples of "vaad".

The vaad attendants watched the dying one closely, adjusting the flow of liquids to its needs, touching it, keeping it reassured by contact with its kind.

The injured vaad lay silent, the other vaada mourned with it, clacking their mandibles in a slow sad rhythm.

The vaad suddenly pushed up, leaning its meager weight onto one trembling arm.

I suppose it can, looking at that poor damn vaad in the tape sequence.

By his feet lay the battered body of a vaad, the only sign of life in the desolate clearing.

The darkness inside was broken as a vaad came toward them holding a smoking torch in a hand, its mid-arm pincers pressed tight against its thorax.

The vaad with the torch edged past Aleytys and moved with awkward rapidity along the echoing corridor that ran down the center of the ship.

If one of the pair died, the remaining vaad usually lived less than a year, fading from life like a dried-up leaf.