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n. (plural of v English)

Usage examples of "v's".

From time to time, Silkies who boarded the V ships learned that some promising boy had been executed by the V's themselves.

But he felt an equivalent resignation, a sadness at the bad luck that had brought him into contact with such a large group of V's at so inopportune a time.

In the darkness on the deck below, Cemp saw that several dozen V's were waiting for him.

So he had his first purpose — to establish the identity of the V's on this ship.

Far from welcoming a superior child, the V's seemed to fear that if allowed to be come full-grown he would be a natural leader and would threaten their freedom.

Cemp swam over to one of the V's who was capable of putting out energy.

They're a rebel group called V's and are suspicious of, and hostile to, the other people in the system.