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Utpala (astronomer)

Utpala or () is the name of a 10th-century Indian commentator of Vārāha Mihira's Brihat Samhitā. Brihat Samhitā is a Samhitā text of (Indian astrology and astronomy) . Samhitā is one of three branches of (Samhitā has many other meanings outside ).

He is known for quoting six verses from Surya Siddhanta which are not found in its extant version. These six verses can be found in the 'Introduction' by S.Jain to the translation of Surya Siddhānta made by E. Burgess.

He is also the author of a commentary on Brahmagupta's (7th century). In this, he is a successor of Prthudaka and a predecessor of Amaraja.

He was from Kashmir.


Utpala may refer to:

  • Utpala (astronomer), 10th-century mathematician-astronomer from India
  • Utpala (Paramara king), a 10th-century king of Malwa region in India
  • Utpaladeva, 10th century Shaivite philosopher-theologian from Kashmir
  • Utpala dynasty of Kashmir, India; ruled between 8th to 11th centuries
  • Naraka (Buddhism), the concept of hell in Buddhism
  • Utpala Sen, Indian actor