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Uto may refer to:

  • Uto, Kumamoto, a city in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan
  • Uto District, Kumamoto, a district in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan
  • Utö, Sweden, an island
    • Utö Lighthouse
  • Untrioctium, (symbol: Uto), an unsynthesized chemical element with atomic number 138
  • Uto, another name of the ancient Egyptian goddess Wadjet

UTO may also refer to:

  • Universidad Técnica de Oruro in Bolivia
  • United Tajik Opposition in Tajikistan

Utö may refer to:

  • Utö, Finland, an island in the Archipelago Sea, in southwest Finland
  • Utö, Sweden, an island in the Stockholm archipelago in Sweden
Utö (Finland)

Utö is a small island in the Archipelago Sea in the Baltic sea and belongs to Pargas municipality. It is the southernmost year-round inhabited island in Finland. Utö has an area of and the population was ca 40 .