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Utley may refer to:

Utley (surname)

Utley is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Adrian Utley, British jazz guitarist
  • Chase Utley, American baseball player
  • Freda Utley, English scholar, activist, and non-fiction author
  • Garrick Utley, American television journalist
  • George Utley, English footballer
  • Jerome Utley, American baseball player and coach, contracting engineer, hotelier and boxing promoter
  • Justin Utley, American rock singer and songwriter
  • Mike Utley, American football player
  • Robert M. Utley American author and historian
  • Stan Utley, American professional golfer
  • Steven Utley, American writer
  • T. E. Utley, British conservative columnist
  • William L. Utley, American military officer and politician
  • Brianna Utley, American professional food-eater