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Utel (bishop)


Utel (or Utellus; died c. 800) was a medieval Bishop of Hereford. He was consecrated between 793 and 798 and died between 799 and 801.

Utel (Ukraine)

3Mob , formerly Utel is a telecommunications company in Ukraine. It is a subsidiary of Ukrtelecom, government-owned fixed phone operator. Utel launched country's first commercial 3G cellular network based on the UMTS/ HSDPA standard on November 1, 2007. Until 2015 3Mob was the only network in Ukraine that provided UMTS 2100 service (other providers provided CDMA technology). It's 3G coverage exists only in main cities.


Utel may refer to:

  • Utel (telecommunications), Ukrainian mobile phone operator
  • Utel (bishop), Bishop of Hereford who lived in the 8th century