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Ūta is a village in , Varėna district municipality, Alytus County, southeastern Lithuania. According to the 2001 census, the village had a population of 25 people. At the 2011 census, the population was 11.

Usage examples of "uta".

Kethan himself scooped up the limping Uta and, mounted on his shadow horse, settled her as comfortably as possible.

They had started at nooning, but Uta seemed certain they would reach their promised shelter before nightfall.

He still held to the fore of their party, even though he rode as a man since Uta was in his charge.

At her back was Kethan, the weight of Uta resting across his legs, a low purr to be heard now and then.

Trussant, on whom Uta still balanced, then Firdun and Guret, armed and flanking Hardin, though certainly they were not acting as guards.

And then he was standing, one arm around Aylinn and the other supporting Uta on his chest.

Then he was aware of a weight against his own back, heard the soft purr of Uta in his ears.

Morna and Trussant, where Uta rode with the air of one for whom that very mount had been trained.

He caught Uta by the back of her neck, dropped her behind him, and then drew sword.

A blow on the shoulder sent the staggering man to his knees and Trussant reared as trained, bringing down both quan-iron-shod hooves on the faltering man, driving him deep into the sand as Uta sprang free.

They had been trail comrades and bed mates now for a long time and she was inwardly flattered that Uta had chosen to company her so during her aimless wanderings.

Talking with Uta gave her her only chance to use her voice during this wary solitary wandering.

But Uta would have given her warning if anything larger than a rat or a meadow-leaper laired there, and she could always hope for a find.

His eyes met those of the animal with the same unblinking stare as Uta could focus for as long and steadily as she wished.

Still she flipped one of her meat sticks up, stripped its burden off, using a leaf to shield her fingers, letting the half-seared chunks lie on a second leaf for Uta to take or refuse.