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USS may refer to:


  • Union of Secondary Students, a student-rights advocacy group in Ireland
  • Union Switch & Signal, a supplier of railroad switching equipment
  • Union Syndicale Suisse, the Swiss Trade Union Confederation
  • United Seamen's Service
  • United States Senate
  • United States Steel Corporation
  • USA Swimming, formerly United States Swimming, the national governing body for competitive swimming in the US

In computing:

  • Unformatted System Services, the mechanism within VTAM to format a terminal's initial screen and route to selected applications
  • Informally, and arguably incorrectly, UNIX System Services, a component of z/OS
  • Upload Speed Sense, a method of regulating a host's upload bandwidth in the eMule client

USS may also refer to:

  • Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker, a Canadian band, also known as USS or U.S.S.
  • Ultrasound Scan, a scientific and medical diagnostic technique
  • United Star Ship or United Space Ship, as a ship prefix in the Star Trek franchise
  • United States Ship, typically as a ship prefix in the United States Navy (includes submarines)
  • United States Standard, an older standard of screw thread
  • Universal Spinal System, an implantable device (instrumentation) for correcting a spine exhibiting scoliosis
  • Universities Superannuation Scheme, a pension scheme in the United Kingdom
  • Uxbridge Secondary School, a high school in Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada
  • Union of Sovereign States, the planned successor to the Soviet Union
  • Universal Studios Singapore
  • University of Southern Somalia
  • United State of Saurashtra