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Illyrian: Epafras, Volos, Oltukh, shy Ushak with the jug-ears, and the brothers Stajeo and Tormos, still competing.

It was Ushak, his prominent ears concealed beneath a conical steel helm.

Trembling and gulping, Ushak stood his ground, holding manfully to my arm.

Stajeo and Ushak went to relieve Oltukh and Volos of their guard duty on the gondola.

All the Illyrians, even Ushak, who had seemed so young and green to me when I thought of him risking his life, looked like seasoned veterans next to the Yeshuites.

Black was curled up fast asleep on a red Ushak carpet, with his well-formed head lying on a velvet pillow embroidered with pearls.