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vb. (context archaic or nonstandard English) (past participle of use English)

Usage examples of "usen".

CHAPTER II SHOZ-DIJIJI THE years rolled by--happy, exciting years for the little boy, whether sitting at the feet of Morning Star listening to the legends of their people, or learning of the ways of the sun and the moon and the stars and the storms, or praying to Usen for health, for strength, for wisdom, or for protection, or being hurried to safety when enemies attacked.

All night he stood there in the high place praying to Usen, to ittindi, to the four winds.

For a thousand thousand years had this spring been hidden away from the sight of man, just where Usen had placed it for the use of the six tribes.

In ones or twos or threes the white-eyed men had stumbled upon these gifts of Usen to his people in the arid places, and presently a trail was beaten to them and many of the white-eyed ones came, and the birds and the game were frightened away.

The former turned over all the loot, except one rifle, a revolver and ammunition for himself, to Geronimo to distribute, announcing that he was going that very night to the high places to pray to Usen, to make big medicine and to prepare himself to become a warrior.

He was much alone, and many were the long nights he spent in some rugged, granite eerie praying to Usen and making strong medicine against future days of war.

Shis-Inday will again hold undisputed sway over the country that Usen gave them.

He grinned into the darkness as he recalled the story of how Usen created people.

In the beginning, when Usen brought the Apache out onto the earth to live, He taught them how to walk in the Life-way.

He neither shall be clothed In purple nor in pall, But in the fair white linen That usen babies all.

For such law as a man gives another wight, He should himselfe usen it by right.

What, within the broad and loving reach of Usen, Earth Mother, were those horrible things?

At least, we ask Usen, the Life-Giver, for permission to hunt his deer.

En mi escritorio, en mi usina de metáforas, para ser más claro, hay una caja de fierro.