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USCS may refer to:

  • Unified Soil Classification System, a soil classification system used in engineering and geology
  • United States Code Service, an unofficial codification with editorial enhancements of United States laws published by LexisNexis
  • United States Commercial Service, a trade promotion arm of the International Trade Administration within the United States Department of Commerce
  • United States Customs Service, a former portion of the U.S. Federal Government dedicated to keeping illegal products outside of U.S. borders
  • United States customary units, U.S. customary system of units, also known in the United States as English units
  • Universal Ship Cancellation Society, an international philatelic non-profit organization
  • University of South Carolina Spartanburg, a public university in Spartanburg, South Carolina
  • Universidade Municipal de São Caetano do Sul, a university in São Caetano do Sul, Brazil