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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also U.S.A., abbreviation of United States of America, in use by 1814 in addresses, etc.; not common otherwise before c.1920. Before then it often also meant United States Army.

USA (album)

__NOTOC__ USA is a live album by the English band King Crimson, released in 1975. It was mostly recorded at the Casino, Asbury Park, New Jersey, on 28 June 1974. The exceptions are track 7, which was recorded at the Palace Theatre, Providence, Rhode Island, United States, on 30 June 1974, and Eddie Jobson's overdubs on tracks 2, 3 and 7, which were recorded in a studio. Live recording by George Chkiank and David Hewitt on the Record Plant NY Remote Truck. Tracks 5 and 6 were edited to about half their lengths for the original 1975 release. The uncut versions were released digitally on in 2005, along with the rest of the show.

Track 1 is a brief performance of "The Heavenly Music Corporation" from (No Pussyfooting). While it was not listed as a separate track on the original album, it is present on all releases. On the original UK vinyl release, the audience noise after the end of the last track was imbedded in a locked groove, leaving the applause to go on so long as the phonograph needle remained on the disc.

There have been four releases of the album:

  1. Original vinyl release in 1975. Includes tracks 1 - 7 (although track 1 & 2 are combined) and Eddie Jobson's overdubs.
  2. 30th Anniversary Remaster released 2002. Added tracks 8 & 9 to original release, credited track 1.
  3. 2005 mix of original multi-track tapes by Ronan Chris Murphy at DGM. Released as download from in 2005 and on The Collectable King Crimson Vol. 1 in 2006. Includes all tracks, with the uncut versions of "Asbury Park" and "Easy Money"; "21st Century Schizoid Man" is moved to be the last track and is now the version from Asbury Park 28 June 1974. Does not include Eddie Jobson's overdubs.
  4. 2013 mix by original multi-track tapes by Robert Fripp, Tony Arnold and David Singleton at the Courthouse, Cranborne, Dorset. Same track order and versions as release #3. Splits improv at end of track 6 into its own track.
USA (disambiguation)

USA or U.S.A. usually refers to the United States of America, a federal republic in North America.

USA or U.S.A. may also refer to:

Usa (Germany)

The Usa is a river that is long in Hesse, Germany. It is right tributary of the Wetter, which it joins at the outskirts of Friedberg. The principal towns along the river are Usingen, Bad Nauheim and Friedberg.

Category:Rivers of Hesse 2Usa

USA (Unconformable Social Amputees)

USA (Unconformable Social Amputees) is the second solo album by rapper Saint Dog released on May 16, 2006 by Suburban Noize Records.

Usa (Wetter)

'''Usa (Wetter) ''' is a river of Hesse, Germany.

Usage examples of "usa".

The artillerymen wrecked the wheels and spiked the vents of their old guns, then dragged away their new weapons, each of which displayed a neatly stenciled legend on its trail: PROPERTY OF THE USA.

We were at the office--Rona, reading USA Today, and I, reviewing the monthly reports from our franchises in Milwaukee, Kansas City, and Charleston.

And the vast majority of net users were residents of the two North-American colossi, chiefly the USA.

This is probably why such books as Ada, by Vladimir Nabokov, have never appeared on the USA Today bestseller list, although it sells more than nine million copies a year.

Ex-Colonel McCord felt he had a duty to roam around the country burglarizing offices and ransacking private/personal files -- because the security of the USA was at stake.

Adam Nagourney, “We Must Go Forward Together: Clinton Team Capitalizes on the Limelight,” USA Today, January 18,1993, p.

He was educated in Britain, Spain and the USA, attending over thirteen schools and then a series of crammers in London and Brighton.

Nina wasn't looking for scientific precision, she wanted a dramatic package that would have the tightfisted bean counters who controlled expeditionary money dreaming of frontpage headlines in USA Today and feature stories in Time and on Unsolved Mysteries.

Bad enough so the USA couldn't say no when we asked to beef up the Army a bit—.

The machine made in the USA broke down if he looked at it sideways.

Some covens are affiliated formally or informally to specific traditions, but they increasingly unite for organisational as well as legal and political strength, particularly in Australia and parts of the USA.

Later he wrote the even more obvious Engineer Garin and his Death Ray, in which a fanatical communist scientist defeats and rules the USA.

Apparently the President of the USA had been taking a stroll in the woods around Camp David and had unwittingly picked up a tiny passenger, a deer tick.

With him at the beginning were Captain Charles Hedges, another newly commissioned reserve officer of the Army, Chief Petty Officer Ellwood Orfett, USN, and Private Robert Ball, USA.

We want to sound ethically challenged in the defense of the good old USA.