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So it happened in Spain there was an earl's son, his name was Alphegus, and at a great tournament in Spain this Sir Urre, knight of Hungary, and Sir Alphegus of Spain encountered together for very envy.

And by fortune Sir Urre slew Sir Alphegus, the earl's son of Spain, but this knight that was slain had given Sir Urre, or ever he was slain, seven great wounds, three on the head, and four on his body and upon his left hand.

Most noble christened king, said Urre, do as ye list, for I am at the mercy of God, and at your commandment.

So we pass unto them that at the king's request made them all that were there at that high feast, as of the knights of the Table Round, for to search Sir Urre: to that intent the king did it, to wit which was the noblest knight among them.

Fair sister, said Sir Urre, so doth my heart light against him, and certainly I hope now to be healed, for my heart giveth unto him more than to all these that have searched me.

Then King Arthur let array priests and clerks in the most devoutest manner, to bring in Sir Urre within Carlisle, with singing and loving to God.

Sir, said Urre, an I had all that longed unto jousts I would be soon ready.

And this Sir Urre would never go from Sir Launcelot, but he and Sir Lavaine awaited evermore upon him.

The lame pot boy stooped to pick it up, casting a frightened look at Urre and a second at his scowling mistress who was already on her way with a tray of freshly filled tankards.

When Urre made a final sot of himself, Onsway would no longer wallow in the sty beside him.

He was going through a door a pace away from where the one called Urre had stopped her.

He did not drink much, though those others with him, Urre, who was son to a dale lord, and his leigeman ordered enough to sail a ship.

He who staked it was like Urre, son to some dead lord, with naught but ruins and a lost home to return to if and when the war ended.

High Hallack has them in many—some are youngsters such as Urre, the owner of this,” again he smoothed the guard.

I am not like Urre who was born to a hall, and drinks and wenches now to forget what ill tricks fortune plays.