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Urle is a village in the administrative district of Gmina Jadów, within Wołomin County, Masovian Voivodeship, in east-central Poland. It lies approximately north-east of Wołomin and north-east of Warsaw.

The village itself has a population of 380. According to a local custom, neighbouring villages, especially Nowy Jadów-Letnisko and Borzymy-Letnisko, are also called by the same name; together these create an almost seamless complex that spreads on both sides of the two-track Warsaw- Białystok railway line (former Warsaw – Saint Petersburg Railway). The villages are served by a railway stop named after Urle; the stop is used only by local trains of Koleje Mazowieckie (previously PKP) that travel between Warsaw and Małkinia (or closer Łochów on the same line).

Urle lie on the western bank of small and shallow Liwiec river and are surrounded by pine forests. Its name is thought to have come from a word "orle" associated with wet areas. Thanks to the somewhat unique microclimate Urle have been a popular tourist and vacation destination for people living in Warsaw. Many wooden rent houses have been built there in the pre-WWII era; the role of a summer destination (reflected in the name "letnisko" of many of its satellite spots) continued throughout the times of Communism when several big camping centers were built. Individual people also kept on visiting the villages, renting flats in old rent houses or simply in peasant huts; this form of vacation was nicknamed "wczasy pod gruszą" (literally, "holidays under a pear tree"). In the tourist season, professional (though unofficial) "agents" waited for potential customers at the station. The popularity of Urle diminished after 1989; some camping centers, previously run by now troubled companies, were liquidated.

Usage examples of "urle".

Hear me, Urle, god of the forge, hear me, and do not leave me desolate.

She spoke, “Thanks be to Urle, god of prophecy, that I have pierced the veils once and seen that which is to be, that which has been and that which is now.

She was half-elven daughter of Urle, human smithy god, and Shalinelle, elven goddess of beauty.

Bless this joining, Urle, our god, as two of your followers join together.