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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

by 1990, initialism (acronym) from uniform resource locator.

URL (disambiguation)

URL is the uniform resource locator, a character string that constitutes a reference to a resource.

URL may also refer to:

  • URL (rapper), an Indian musician
  • Unrestricted Line Officer
  • Upper rostral length of a cephalopod beak
  • URL, a recurring robot character from Futurama
  • Underground Racing League, a fictional racing league in Need for Speed:
  • Undergr22446*und 2
URL (rapper)

URL (born Earl Edgar) is an Indian singer, performer, composer, rapper and record producer. Composing comes naturally to URL, he creates a different yet commercial sound production beside his simple "hindesh" lines and 'verses' to entice the listener and even gets them to sing along.

He is known for phrases like "Magical India 'outaf a hat, Desi style yaara, is where we're at", "Feel the dholbajao baby" for High School Musical 2, and of course the international "You're my love, my love, Janeja you're my love" from the movie Partner and the famous Marathi Rap “Jithe mi jaate tithe tu diste, Hawaat tujhe sugandh pasarte, Manaat tu majhya dhyanaat tu... Charo dishaanat tu hich tu..”.for NANA CHI TAANG from the film Khatta Meetha are just a few of his innovative creations.

He has done the rap and voices-overs for Ads and jingles for Nokia, Sony Ericson, Parry's Butterscotch, Kenstar, Kelvinator, Pepsi, Mtv. He has been a music producer and equipped with music arranging & programming for movies like Dhamaal, remixes for Bollywood and Tollywood. Currently, he is working on a number of projects, shows and albums that are in the pipeline.

Usage examples of "url".

URL into the computer and got no response--as expected, there was a firewall blocking access.

The links beneath the labels - URLs and email addresses - would all be stored in the DOI System, and multiple resolution means any or all of those links can be displayed for you to select from in one menu.

The monitoring program for the URL at CIA headquarters also kept track of the locations of the people logging into it.

A pair of savage, yellow-bearded northmen stood behind Pawldo, jabbering in their strange tongue full of yerg and url sounds.

You'll notice it records everything you've searched for in a search engine in plain text, in addition to the URL.

No plug-in is required when a proxy server HTTP is used - but then the DOI becomes just another URL, embedded in the page when it is created and not resolved when the user clicks on it.

The url was the standard route all Standjo organizations used for electronic mail.