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Urho (name)

Urho is a Finnish male given name. It was most popular in the first half of the 20th century. As of 2013 there were more than 12,000 people registered with this name in Finland. The nameday is the 17th of June. It means "brave". A common variation is Urkki.

Some people who have this name include:

  • Urho Castrén (1886–1965), a Finnish politician
  • Urho Karhumäki (1891–1947), a Finnish poet
  • Urho Kekkonen (1900-1986), a Finnish politician
  • Urho Kujala (born 1957), a Finnish orienteering competitor
  • Urho Lehtovaara (1917-1949), a Finnish Air Force aces
  • Urho Peltonen (1893–1951), a Finnish athlete
  • Urho Sirén (1932-2002), a Finnish cyclist
  • Urho Tallgren (1894-1959), a Finnish long-distance runner
  • Urho Teräs (1915–1990), a Finnish footballer

Urho may refer to:

  • Urho District, in Xinjiang, China
  • Urho (name), common in Finland
  • Urho (1975 icebreaker), a Finnish icebreaker