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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Urge \Urge\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Urged; p. pr. & vb. n. Urging.] [L. urgere; akin to E. wreak. See Wreak, v. t.]

  1. To press; to push; to drive; to impel; to force onward.

    Through the thick deserts headlong urged his flight.

  2. To press the mind or will of; to ply with motives, arguments, persuasion, or importunity.

    My brother never Did urge me in his act; I did inquire it.

  3. To provoke; to exasperate. [R.]

    Urge not my father's anger.

  4. To press hard upon; to follow closely

    Heir urges heir, like wave impelling wave.

  5. To present in an urgent manner; to press upon attention; to insist upon; as, to urge an argument; to urge the necessity of a case.

  6. To treat with forcible means; to take severe or violent measures with; as, to urge an ore with intense heat.

    Syn: To animate; incite; impel; instigate; stimulate; encourage.


vb. (en-past of: urge)

Usage examples of "urged".

He urged his mount forward again, his mind polluted with thoughts of Lukien.

Again he tried a step, and again the remarkable shoe urged him onward.

When she was done, she climbed onto the head of a gargoyle and urged her master forward.

Eyes widening as she saw the two women the exiting Maggie immediately tugged the door closed behind her and urged them all down the hall.

Turning to glance at Lady Shambleau as Templetun urged the woman to her feet, Hethe caught the concerned expression on her face.

Ducky held and handed it to one of his men, then urged Helen toward a horse, but the maid suddenly threw her arms around Helen and hugged her hard.

He urged his horse forward again, riding to the center of camp before easing the unconscious knight from his saddle, then following him down.

Cupping her bottom, he urged her forward, pulling her along his engorged shaft.

Helen dropped to her knees on one side of her husband, while Mary urged William out of the way on the other.

Helen helped her pull Hethe into a seated position, then watched silently as the healer urged him to drink.

Hethe pressed kisses along her neck, then urged her up so that he could catch one rigid nipple in his mouth.

Undaunted, Tydeus challenged them all to tests of strength and beat them all with ease, in each event, Athena urged him on with so much winning force.

Argives, desperate, had no choice, they struggled now to defend the ships, and the gods were cast down in spirit, all who had urged the Argive soldiers on in battle .

But the ocean king who grips and shakes the earth, rising up from the offshore swell, urged the Argives, taking the build and tireless voice of Calchas.

And any Trojan crashing against the beaked ships, torch ablaze in hand, straining to please Hector who urged him on .