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Urga may refer to:

  • former name of Ulaanbaatar, the capital of (Outer) Mongolia
    • the former Catholic missio sui iuris of Urga
  • Ürgə, a village and municipality in Lankaran Rayon of Azerbaijan
  • Urga (movie) aka Close to Eden, a 1991 film by Nikita Mikhalkov
  • Urga (Cazin), Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Urga (music group), an alternative music group from Sweden.
Urga (Cazin)

Urga is a village in the municipality of Cazin, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Urga (music group)

Urga are a Swedish music group that have released several albums under the Swedish record label Silence Records. A notable aspect of the bands music is the use of an invented language called 'Urganska'. They have also performed in Cirkus Cirkörs one of Scandinavia's leading performing circus companies.

Usage examples of "urga".

Agachak and King Urgit will place you and your servants on board a ship which will lake you around the southern end of the Urga peninsula to Rak Cthaka.

The harbor of Rak Urga was even more congested with ships than it had appeared to be from the other side.

Agachak, the Hierarch of Rak Urga, was a cadaverous-looking man with a long beard.

A series of squalls blew in off the Great Western Sea as they proceeded down the rocky spine of the Urga peninsula, an indication that autumn was rapidly approaching.

The channel running from the Great Western Sea into the Gulf of Urga was not wide, and Garion could clearly make out the low stone buildings of Rak Urga squatting under a murky sky on the far side.

Its domes and towers rose in barbaric, torch-lit profusion, and, unlike the rest of Rak Urga, it was garishly painted in a half-dozen conflicting colors.

Perhaps, if he had drunk enough Urga blood, it might have made him lose his taste for it.

Gorut and Cthaka are lost and concentrate our efforts on holding Urga, Morcth, and Araga.

I want to keep Kal Zakath from parading through the streets of Rak Urga with my head on a pole.

It lay in a sheltered bay behind the headland standing at the narrow mouth of the Gulf of Urga and was dotted with black-painted Murgo ships.

Urgas had begun to show signs of his madness much earlier than was usual in the Urga family, and there were all kinds of rituals we had to observe.

The little man was obviously sincere, and the sympathy for him which had welled up back in Rak Urga rose again.

At the southern tip of the Urga peninsula, the steersman swung his tiller over, and the ship heeled sharply to port.

At any rate, the Murgos have discovered gold in that spine of mountains that runs northeast from Urga to Goska, so Ctuchik can afford to bribe Tolnedrans.

Goska Dynasties, Cthan Dynasties, Hagga Dynasties, and recently, Urga Dynasties.