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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Uprush \Up*rush"\, v. i. To rush upward.


Uprush \Up"rush`\, n. Act of rushing upward; an upbreak or upburst; as, an uprush of lava.
--R. A. Proctor.


n. An upwards rush. vb. (context intransitive English) To rush upward.

Usage examples of "uprush".

With an uprush of feeling that choked her, she realized with what deep longing she wanted central heating and inner-spring mattresses, supermarkets and intensive care, microwave pizzas and noisy, crowded, polluted cities where you could go out alone for the day without needing a troop of friends, all armed to the teeth, to ensure that you got home again.

Dake Lorin felt the tingling tension in all his muscles, felt the uprush of the black crazy anger that was his greatest curse.

When such a place of uprush is established, the hot air next the surface flows in all directions toward the shaft, joining the expedition to the heights of the atmosphere.

The memory of his lovely daughter had been drowned out momentarily in the deep uprushing of pride in this tall, blue-eyed boy with his disciplined face and his look of leashed eagerness.

She felt like a penny in a fusebox, barely able to retain her identity beneath the uprush of a power she'd never been meant to carry.