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n. A recessed light fixture that directs the light in an upward direction. vb. (context transitive English) To illuminate from below.

Usage examples of "uplight".

She had not spent the last twelve years banished to the uplight regions of the Coven for nothing.

A pale stripe of untanned forehead shone yellow in the uplight from the lamp flame.

Every day he picked someone new to represent her, some figure seen at a distance, sexually ambiguous, half-visible in the violent uplight from the concrete.

The mellow glow of uplights sprang to life, but her relief turned to dismay as she stared at the dark rectangle looming behind the sheer curtains at the window.

Soft uplights pulled detail from a carved balustrade and threw its huge arches into shadow.

Siamese from the gazebo, Qwilleran flicked the single switch that lighted the entire interior of the barn with uplights and down-lights.

Melmond then stood silently by, for he saw, by his folded hands and uplighted eyes, he was ejaculating some prayer: after which, with a countenance more firm, and limbs better able to sustain him, he rose, and moved towards the parlour into which the fainting Eugenia had been carried.

When one arose upon whose brow The ardent sun had left his trace, A noble purpose strong and high Uplighting all his dusky face.

She swept a hand toward the uplighting surrounding the tropical estate, the pool, and pavilion area trimmed with stately royal palms and littered with overdressed guests and obsequious waiters.

Uplights and downlights were concealed artfully in timbers and under balconies.

The prows and keels of the eastward-tacking thunderheads appeared to be filigreed with gold leaf, for they were uplighted by the luminous suburban sea above which they sailed.

This time he produced one beautiful bubble - iridescent in the barn's galaxy of uplights and down lights - until it burst in his face.