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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Upher \Up"her\, n. (Arch.) A fir pole of from four to seven inches diameter, and twenty to forty feet long, sometimes roughly hewn, used for scaffoldings, and sometimes for slight and common roofs, for which use it is split. [Spelt also ufer.] [Eng.]


n. (context obsolete English) a wooden pole used as scaffolding

Usage examples of "upher".

Anthea was Tuppence's goddaughter and Anthea's daughter Jane was at schoolher first termand it was Prize Giving and Anthea had rung upher two younger children had come out in a measles rash and she had nobody in the house to help and Jane would be terribly disappointed if nobody cameCould Tuppence possibly?

The old lady was scowling down and snatching upher other packages before Eleanor could reach them, and at last Eleanor rose, smiling in convulsive apology.

The transport stopped shaking, and Ro folded upher tricorder and stepped away from him.

She drew her legs upher father's chair was big enough for that-and curled into the crook of its great wooden arm.