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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
unwashed dishes
▪ I came downstairs and the place stank of unwashed bodies mixed with the smells of kippers being grilled and sausages fried.
▪ Inside the house it is very dark, and there is a smell of unwashed bodies and old fat.
▪ She was cold and unwashed and hunger pangs were beginning to gnaw again.
▪ The stuffiness in the hold was made worse by the acrid smell of unwashed bodies.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Unwashed \Un*washed"\, a. Not washed or cleansed; filthy; unclean.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., from un- (1) "not" + past participle of wash (v.). Replaced Middle English unwashen, from Old English unwæscen. Noun sense of "the lower class" is attested from 1830.


a. 1 That has or have not been washed. 2 vulgar, plebeian, unsophisticated

  1. adj. of or associated with the great masses of people; "the common people in those days suffered greatly"; "behavior that branded him as common"; "his square plebeian nose"; "a vulgar and objectionable person"; "the unwashed masses" [syn: common, plebeian, vulgar]

  2. not cleaned with or as if with soap and water; "a sink full of unwashed dishes"


Usage examples of "unwashed".

Nearly a month of unrelieved campaigning up through the inhospitable mountains had given them the look of ruffiansmostly unwashed, untrimmed and unshaven, showy with gaudy bits of looted Ahrmehnee finery, acrawl with vermin.

But he had been allowed to lie, even as he lay upon the angareb, at the mercy of the sun and the flies, unwashed, unfed, and with his thirst unslaked.

Thomas Cadge was darkened with disapproval, he shifted his stubby brier pipe to the other corner of his mouth, edged a little from his seat on the sunny front stoop and, craning his neck around the corner of his house, revealed an unwashed area extending from collarbone to left ear.

It was a boy-nightmare, the sort of environment Chia knew from the brothers of friends, its floor and ledgelike bed long vanished beneath unwashed clothes, ramen-wrappers, Japanese magazines with wrinkled covers.

Filby was unwashed and unshaven, and a battered dressing gown clung to his frame.

Through the unwashed back window, with cars zipping past them on both sides, Wes and Dreidel sat perfectly still, never panicking or checking over their shoulders.

The smell of cooking grease, some foul egestion wafting aloft from the bilges, the fug of damp wool and unwashed bod- ies was fit to make him gag, but he forbore manfully.

He could lounge at his ease and remain above the unwashed fetor of the masses for whom these plays, with their morally correct attitudes and their simpering points of argument, were intended.

I have instructed Will Gates to prepare a head bath of vinegar and guaiacum, a remedy I patented myself while at Cambridge and for which my fellow students, unwashed and lousy as they were, came eventually to thank me.

When he faced away from the ship-computer and the brilliant number storm, he hated the damp, acid smell of the neurologics surrounding him, the acrid stench of his unwashed body, and the carbon-dioxide closeness of his own breath.

In these wild regions there are no kago or norimons to be had, and a pack-horse is the only conveyance, and yesterday, having abandoned my own saddle, I had the bad luck to get a pack-saddle with specially angular and uncompromising peaks, with a soaked and extremely unwashed futon on the top, spars, tackle, ridges, and furrows of the most exasperating description, and two nooses of rope to hold on by as the animal slid down hill on his haunches, or let me almost slide over his tail as he scrambled and plunged up hill.

And the ninny would, had he not been there to advise, have sent his own well-known bodyguards to take revenge upon the unwashed flesh of the scoundrelly agent, which action would likely have brought down the wrath of the duke upon not just Pehtros but himself and Kenos, as well.

As it turned out, her provincial posh accent and private-school manners clashed with her raggy, unwashed clothes.

He despised the wine-bibbers who reeled about the place, stuttered, made much of their unwashed thoughts or set up a howling.

Evie Ruddick, advocate of the unwashed masses, dining with a man set to tear down an orphanage.