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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ As warriors, the Huns were unsurpassed.
▪ His genius as a dramatist is unsurpassed.
▪ Venice is a city of unsurpassed beauty.
▪ As a cynical attempt to manipulate the electorate and the media, it was unsurpassed.
▪ His work ethic and his way of making his column look so easy are unsurpassed.
▪ It lacked the sophistication of a complex buildup like Tottenham's, say, but for sheer excitement it was unsurpassed.
▪ Monumental art, massive architecture, and unsurpassed engineering feats were all undertaken within the context of the new city civilizations.
▪ Their collaborations set unsurpassed standards for jazz in an orchestral setting and for jazz soloists.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1775, from un- (1) "not" + past participle of surpass (v.).


a. surpassing all others in some way


adj. not capable of being improved on [syn: unexcelled, unexceeded]

Usage examples of "unsurpassed".

Flying the predator via affinity was always an experience he enjoyed, the freedom granted to creatures of the air was unsurpassed.

From the historical point of view the novel offers an unsurpassed picture of the change that transformed the Russia of Nicholas I into the almost anarchic Russia of the sixties.

This venerable organization is rich not only in the possession of a heroic martyr history, but in the inheritance of liturgic forms and usages of unsurpassed beauty and dignity.

He was an unsurpassed expert on wind-tunnel computer simulations, as performed by the Hillis Massively Parallel Processor.

But only a little later, beneath the smaller, shabbier superstructures of the Fifth and Sixth Dynasty pyramids, a sort of Hall of Records seemed to have been deliberately created: a permanent exhibition of copies or translations of archaic documents which was, at the same time, an unprecedented and unsurpassed masterpiece of scribal and hieroglyphic art.

Yet the Erril, long, long ago, wrote a Throme of singular and unsurpassed beauty, somewhere in his own land called Sherill, and the dark King of Everywhere desired that Throme.

It sat on the terrace at the back of the campus, five hundred metres above the circumfluous sea, giving it an unsurpassed view of the cycloramic sub-tropical parkland stretching away into misty distance.

It was not in the nature of the Counts of Poitou to tolerate in their provinces prelates who seemed likely to wander from their diocesan concerns into secular affairs, or offer correction to the ducal house Count Guillaume, whose talent for broilsomeness was unsurpassed by that of any of his predecessors, had opposed with violence the election of certain bishops in his domains whom he suspected of obstructing his own freehearted enterprise.

Again and for the fourth time the Boston aggregation carried off the honors, with a record unsurpassed up to that time, as out of seventy-nine games played they won seventy-one and lost but eight, while the Athletics, who finished in the second place, played seventy-three games in all, losing twenty and winning fifty-three.

The Strasburg clergy, in losing him, wrote that he was unsurpassed among men, and the Genevese felt his superiority and put him on the commission which revised the Constitution.

In all diseases involving the female reproductive organs, with which there is usually associated an irritable condition of the nervous system, it is unsurpassed as a remedy.

Strange though it may appear, the lead pencils first manufactured in this manner are acknowledged to have been the best--and even at the beginning of the present century they remained unsurpassed upon the score of the softness and fine tone of the lead.

Beyond them, a backdrop of unsurpassed splendor, reared a majestic, snowcapped mountain.

Just as springtime possesses a vibrancy of fresh life unsurpassed by any other season, just so - say the seers - is there an ebb and flow of the Life Force, but spread out over vast aeons of time.

Those succulent bivalves may help us and the truffles of Perigord, tubers dislodged through mister omnivorous porker, were unsurpassed in cases of nervous debility or viragitis.