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a. Not split; whole, undivided.

Usage examples of "unsplit".

He entered the enclosed space of the courtyard, mentally naming what was in it, the shade-happy euonymus and lobelia, the dark-star coleus, the honey locust with its pinnate leaves and unsplit pods.

But, say, this paper would never get to press if I took time to unsplit all my infinitives.

He watched that particular bedroll with his one good eye, then started ambling toward it, roughly cuffing a round of unsplit snag wood aside.

They had leveled the load, which allowed for the positioning of two smaller, unsplit round logs on top, and one more final round log atop.

The thing was, Darby Travis, or whoever it was that built this cabin, had used thick, unsplit, but completely peeled logs for his construction.

Paul got two fat unsplit chunks from the woodpile, and they used them like stools.

He wound a few inches of the unsplit end around his hand to anchor it in place and let the rest hang loose until he took up his position behind the prisoner.