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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
unquestioning obedience (=when you obey rules or a person without questioning whether they are right)
▪ Even soldiers must not follow all orders with unquestioning obedience.
▪ their unquestioning obedience
▪ A religious insight like Julian's shows that a passive, unquestioning acceptance of received dogma is not enough.
▪ An unquestioning acceptance of the traditional academic curriculum, and vague aspirations about Mary Smith, would no longer do.
▪ Down deep, Clive was unimaginative, inactive, petty, unquestioning.
▪ He just went with it, unresisting and unquestioning.
▪ His life had been spent in unquestioning subservience, first to his parents and then to his elder brother.
▪ Perhaps, accustomed to Francis, she'd become unquestioning about others' ways of life.
▪ She supposed that marriage must be like that: an unquestioning acceptance of the weird ways of another.
▪ This can lead to unquestioning acceptance of what is really a hypothetical diagnosis.

a. 1 believe without question; having absolute loyalty; faithful; doubtless. 2 naive.

  1. adj. not inclined to ask questions

  2. being without doubt or reserve; "implicit trust" [syn: implicit]

Usage examples of "unquestioning".

I say this not to denigrate those favored ones, like yourself, who have been graced with the gift of unquestioning belief, but rather to acknowledge the reality facing the rest of humankind, who struggle daily in the quest for God and meaning in their lives.

Not only was there no other voice to be heard, but there was a certain evenness of flow and cadence, unquestioning and unhesitating, rather as though Occula might be telling a story or delivering a speech.

Nor did Miss Gumm apparently feel it necessary to force detail on an unquestioning oaf.

But as long as one creature needed me, as long as Hylas still offered me his unquestioning love, I was not completely alone.

It was as if she had stripped from them the well-bred mask of those whose spirits, by long unquestioning acceptance of themselves, have become inelastic, inexpansive, commoner than they knew.

She slacked off as he had asked, though, unquestioning, and Nid and Leary surged forward, far ahead of the others as Emer and Laig drew their chariots to a halt.

If the problem of vivisection is ever settled, it will be due, not to the influence of those who advocate unquestioning faith in the humaneness of the average experimenter, who decline inquiry, and who rest satisfied with their ignorance, but rather to those who, having investigated the question for themselves, have given all their influence for some measure of reform.

Listening to her even through her increasingly drunken dizziness, Tara abruptly had known deep within her soul and with unquestioning certainty that there could only be two reasons for her ever having sex, both of which were based on love--one being the love she might have for her sexual partner and the other being the love she had for whomever it was she was trying to protect by having sex with a man she did not love.

Handsome, rangy, wildly various, they were bound in total loyalty, not by oath but by the simple, unquestioning belongingness of part of one organism.

Sprat claimed that experimental philosophers are satisfied with a plain believing, or unquestioning faith, requiring no empirical evidence or experiential confirmation.

But by this time the mers had lost all understanding of their purpose here and fallen back into primitive, unquestioning unity with the sea.

Hence Stavrogin and his pupil Shatov, for all their Slavophilism and Russian nationalism, cannot muster the simple and unquestioning faith that would infuse their ideas with the inner fire of true emotional commitment.

I will never cease to be amazed at the lemminglike nature of human beings and our unquestioning obedience to authority.

But if there are any to whom all that is human is of interest, who have felt in their own consciousness some stirrings of invincible attraction to one individual and equally invincible repugnance to another, who know by their own experience that elective affinities have as their necessary counterpart, and, as it were, their polar opposites, currents not less strong of elective repulsions, let them read with unquestioning faith the story of a blighted life I am about to relate, much of it, of course, received from the lips of others.

He yearned especially towards the good old unquestioning, authoritative Mother Church, with her articles of faith which took away the necessity for private judgment, with her traditional forms and ceremonies, and her whole apparatus of stimulants and anodynes.