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Etymology 1

  1. Not predicted. Etymology 2


  2. (en-past of: unpredict)


adj. without warning or announcement; "they arrived unannounced"; "a totally unheralded telegram that his daughter...died last night"- M.A.D.Howe [syn: unannounced, unheralded]

Usage examples of "unpredicted".

The result was disappointments, unpredicted quakes, for example, including one in California.

In fact, two of the unpredicted quakes had finally been attributed to lakes being dug, one as far as five hundred miles away, water filling the lake, filtering down into the cracks in the rocks and lubricating hidden faults.

Precedents set by the Sonny Bono Copyright Law could well have an enormous unpredicted effect on computer applications of the future.

Which, by the way, were heralded by that unpredicted blow in the Bay area.