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a. Not perverted.

Usage examples of "unperverted".

I do not assert that the use of water is in itself unnatural, but that the unperverted palate would swallow no liquid capable of occasioning disease.

Every year I doubt not this stainless berry ripens here, and is unplucked by any knight of the Holy Grail who is worthy to eat it, and keeps alive, in the prodigality of nature, the tradition of the unperverted conditions of taste before the fall.

Figure out how to get the unperverted parts of Commercial Security to help us.

I wondered, frightened, if it were at the feet of men, or at least at the feet of such men as this, that women belonged, if that might be the unperverted order of nature.

It was the order of nature, unperverted, which I observed, as she moved about, among those mighty men.

And lives there a man of unperverted soul who would not decidedly prefer to have no God rather than to have such a one?

Standing there unperverted, man has an invincible reliance on the veracity of his faculties and the normal reports of nature.

I shall be glad to be able to lay my hand on a young, unperverted soul.

It is enough for a child if he follows pure and safe instincts, and lives without reflection a healthy, unperverted life, under wise guidance and good teaching.