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UNP may refer to:

  • United National Party, a political party in Sri Lanka
  • Ukrains'ka Narodna Partiya, a political party in Ukraine
  • United Nationalist Party, a former political party in Ghana
  • United National Photographers, a British photography agency
  • United Newfoundland Party, a former political party in Newfoundland
  • United Nigerian Party, which merged into the United Nigeria Congress Party
  • University of Northern Philippines, a public university in Ilocos Sur province
  • Unified Network Platform, an open platform computing architecture
  • Unp, an abbreviation of the previous name, unnilpentium, for the chemical element Dubnium
  • A synonym for the enzyme USP4
  • University Nanosatellite Program
  • National University of the Patagonia San Juan Bosco in Argentina
  • The NYSE listing for the Union Pacific Railroad