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Usage examples of "unmartial".

Genji, next in line of succession to the rule of Akaoka Domain, reclined on the floor in his usual unmartial manner, propped up on an elbow, a cup of sake in his hand, a faint smile on his lips.

He wanted to sigh, but his five hundred retainers were gathered around him on their own horses, and he could hardly do something so unmartial in front of them.

Furthermore, his entire demeanor was distinctly unmartial, perhaps even to the extent of slight effeminacy.

Over the time that he had shepherded his vast flock, he had come to see his purpose in an unmartial light.

I am, I discover, unmartial to the point of ridiculousness and quite without the will to wage war.

He was taller than the Captain, and heavier, with thick eyeglasses that gave him an owlishly unmartial appearance.

Their very dress displayed at once their unmartial and poverty-stricken state.

Perched on his warhorse, a ferocious brace of wheel-lock pistols at his side, the Scot commander made as unmartial a figure as possible.

Sometimes on the other hand, the foal was just his unborn martial self, throttled by his most unmartial past.