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UNM or unm may refer to:

  • University of New Mexico, a state university in New Mexico in the United States
  • Universidad Nacional de México, former name of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México) in Mexico City
  • United National Movement (Georgia) (Ertiani Natsionaluri Modzraoba), a political organization in the country Georgia
  • Unum, Chattanooga, Tennessee-based insurance company
  • Upper motor neuron
  • Unami language's ISO 639-3 code

Usage examples of "unm".

The voice seemed disembodied, a hoarse, machinelike whisper with a faint echo, but it was unm istakably right there, right in her ear.

Despite its size and shape it bore an unm tilde takable, if faint, resemblance to another smaller, more familiar object .