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is a free-to-play collectible card battle and role-playing browser game developed by the Japanese company Techway. With multiple language versions including Japanese, Chinese (both traditional and simplified), Korean, French, Thai, and English, the game boasts a playership of two million across all platforms ( Facebook, Niconico, Naver, Yahoo! Mobage, Mixi, and Koei Tecmo's myGAMECITY). It is the top engrossing Facebook game in Asia. In 2014, the game won gold in the foreign browser game category for the 2014 Game Star award at the Taipei Game Show. Set in a "medieval gothic" world, the player assumes the role of an automaton given life by a "Saint of Flame" to recover the memories of warriors who have died in another world.

The international English version on Facebook, itself a merger of the French, Thai, and Asian (English) versions, closed on June 30, 2016.

Usage examples of "unlight".

He saw the blazing unlight arc, heard it bite into the flesh of their nearest opponent.

He saw Tarrant swing again by his side, saw the brilliant unlight cut into another one of the creatures.

The cold blue unlight hinted at a form that was human in shape, tightly bound in layers of cloth.

Looking up at this thing glowing unlight or is it light over the rock edge he knows the songs for the atoms, the infinitely tiny specks of stupidity they are.

The great thing swung its enormous shadow hands and unlight swept over Spiral Jacobs as it gripped him.

Wind, to search out that entrance, twist through it, and be swallowed up by the unlight as if it so attacked a bitter enemy.

Jake told the driver to wait, bounded up the steps into a many-cornered hall, and climbed the unlighted stairs to the second floor.

The larch trees with their broken backs, the enormous black sky streaked with fistfuls of congealed fat, the abandoned Poor House that looked like a barn, the great brown dripping box of the Lutheran church bereft of sour souls, bereft of the hymn singers with poke bonnets and sunken and accusing horse faces and dreary choruses, a few weather-beaten cottages unlighted and tight to the dawn and filled, I could see at a glance, with the marvelous dry morality of calico and beans and lard, and then a privy, a blackened pile of tin cans, and even a rooster, a single live rooster strutting in a patch of weeds and losing his broken feathers, clutching his wattles, every moment or two trying to crow into the wind, trying to grub up the head of a worm with one of his snubbed-off claws, cankerous little bloodshot rooster pecking away at the dawn in the empty yard of some dead fisherman .

The door was promptly opened, and he stepped into an unlighted entry, where a young man awaited him.

Kadath, which you will so lately have left, and telling them how its boundless halls are lovely and unlighted, where of old they used to leap and revel in supernal radiance.

Malone used to fancy he heard terrible cracked bass notes from a hidden organ far underground when the church stood empty and unlighted, whilst all observers dreaded the shrieking and drumming which accompanied the visible services.

Several of them carried lanterns for the walk back, though the tallow candles within were unlighted at the moment.

Instead of getting into the unlighted body with him, as Larry had expected, the man closed the door, mounted to the seat beside the chauffeur, and the car shot west and turned up Riverside Drive.

The little piano is dumb night after night, its candles unlighted, and there is no one to play Chopin to us now as the day dies, and the shadows stoop out of their corners to listen in vain.

He drove through the lighted streets in the direction of den Haag and after only a mile or so turned down a narrow unlighted lane.