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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
unlock/unleash sb’s potential (=allow them to succeed as well as they can)
▪ Training is a way of unlocking the potential of the workforce.
▪ Yet as we unleash living forces into our created machines, we lose control of them.
▪ The traditional wings of the Labour movement were afraid that Livingstone had unleashed a torrent - and they were right.
▪ We were told the lawyers of Lord's were worried that a statement might unleash a torrent of writs against newspapers.
▪ Lefevre's comments unleashed a wave of protest in Paris.
▪ Bounding energetically about the court, unleashing an athletic, whip-like forehand, she was easily the better and more fit player.
▪ His firm unleashes its nuclear arsenal of threats and writs.
▪ If they are afraid of the undead, a Vampire is unleashed upon them.
▪ The lyrics unleash a gigantic primal scream at the urban alienation and despair of our industrial world.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Unleash \Un*leash"\, v. t. [1st pref. un- + leash.] To free from a leash, or as from a leash; to let go; to release; as, to unleash dogs.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1670s, from un- (2) "reverse, opposite of" + leash (v.). Related: Unleashed; unleashing.


vb. 1 To free from a leash, or as from a leash 2 to let go; to release 3 To precipitate; to bring about

  1. v. release or vent; "unleash one's anger"

  2. release from a leash; "unleash the dogs in the park"

  3. turn loose or free from restraint; "let loose mines"; "Loose terrible plagues upon humanity" [syn: let loose, loose]

Unleash (song)

"Unleash" is a Soulfly song, released from the 2008 album Conquer. This single, along with music video, was released a month before the album's release and was the album's first of two singles. Dave Peters (member of Throwdown) is the guest vocalist, and helped Max Cavalera write lyrics prior to the recording.

Usage examples of "unleash".

As legionnaires continued to battle Woads on the back of the carriage, Tristran and Bors unleashed arrow after arrow into the fray.

It was Bosco, the mighty hound, unleashed by Dortha, the huge servant whose absence Dr.

In addition, all of the governments of the region know that the moment the United States unleashed a new war against Saddam, he would strike back any way he could--overtly and covertly, by economic, political, and military means--and that they would be his most likely targets.

One can only guess at the number of lead-footed zombies she unleashed on the dance floors of America.

Twinkle-Toes Talbotts of the world are unleashing a plague of lead-footed smiling robots on the dance floors of America, robots who then go on to teach the Twinkle-Toes method of dance to their unwary friends and defenseless children.

Yet that possibility was as likely as the priests of the True Duarchy having unleashed the beasts.

Angrily, Durand strode out to the robot as though to unleash it on the occupants of the grandstand box, but such was not in his mind.

What had she unleashed on Ban Ean, and herself, when she brought this man into her world?

He remembered, then, the disconcertment this particular eggling had caused members of the Knife Clan, not to mention unleashing harmful energies in the vicinity of growing blades, and stiffened his soul.

Further, you have endangered the blades by the energies unleashed in playing your eggling music.

During the last half-dozen curtain-calls I had told Martina my problem and, in a moment of hilarious intimacy, she helped gimmick the cummerbund before unleashing me into the first bipedal can we could find.

Bacchae, the unleashing of this force, the goatish caperings, well, any force as powerful as that is premoral.

And then I finally succumbed to the roiling of my innards and unleashed what was within.

Like an unleashed hound, the car launched forward in a joltless burst of speed.

The only way for Kyp to cauterize that memory was to purge the entire planet with fire, a fire only the Sun Crusher could unleash.