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Usage examples of "unflush".

Let memory lead thee back To where waves Morning her fleur-de-lys, Unflushed at the front of the roseate door Unopened yet: never shadow there Of a Tartarus lighted by Dis For souls whose cry is, alack!

Moreover, the three to five animated tails must go down unflushed by water and unpushed by crusts of bread.

Dimonte looked at Myron as if he were something left unflushed in a toilet.

Even an unflushed toilet becomes an effective metaphor for apathy and self-contempt.

He denied reality beyond the four walls he was bound within, unflushed toilet and all.

Nathan rolls his blazer and curls on the only spot left him, a square of concrete slab beside an unflushed porcelain bowl half filled with liquid shit.

A decanter of wine, almost empty, was before Doctor Sarson, whose pallid cheeks, however, were as yet unflushed.