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Usage examples of "unfight".

I bought a paper, and consigned its undeclared treaties, its premeditated murders and unfought battles to an ash can.

But if he left things unfought this time, they would try it on again with the corn--not that there was much of that on the estate of a man who only believed in corn as a policy.

Sometimes they surfaced in his words, the scars of unfought battles and unfinished deaths, merciless might-have-beens.

She was twenty-one and unawakened, but that the men about her should long allow her to remain so was as unlikely as that a pirate-crew would leave treasure unfought for.

Poe, his brigade lost, his duel unfought, was assigned to help construct the military defenses of Wilmington.

But surely it was better to gamble with lives than to consign them to hell unfought for?