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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Unface \Un*face"\, v. t. [1st pref. un- + face.] To remove the face or cover from; to unmask; to expose.


vb. (context transitive English) To remove the face or cover from; to unmask or expose.

Usage examples of "unface".

He unfaces and stands in the cockpit, legging down the ladder as hands rise to his, assistance.

To his right small galley kitchens and storerooms had been cut into the unfaced rock.

Her Passage had been clean, leaving no demons unfaced and no doors locked.

After about twenty minutes the three cars turned right onto Calle 82, less than two hundred meters from the unfaced brick building where Maruja lived with her husband and one of her children.

The activation pattern should be more similar to finding a familiar nonface in different unfaces.

She followed Robbie's eyes as he looked out the window again toward the unfaced brick at the rear of the low building.

One of the walls was unfaced brick, decorated with tools and with unfinished items of work, with hands and feet, some showing their mechanical innards and others covered with latex skin, looking far too lifelike and grotesque.

His best drawing, for it was suffused with his own misery, was of the abandoned Arc de Triumphe, intended to be a massive monument to Napoleon's victories, but now nothing more than the stumps of unfaced walls which stood like ruins in a muddy field.