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a. (context nonstandard English) Not excited.


adj. not excited; "made an unexcited appraisal of the situation" [ant: excited]

Usage examples of "unexcited".

In that same tone of quiet and unexcited certainty, he might have said today was Tuesday.

Horses were as unexcited by the adventure of flight as if it had been a mere canter through a mountain meadow.

We may, therefore, conclude that the secretion from unexcited leaves, though extremely viscid, is not acid or only slightly so, but that it becomes acid, or much more strongly so, after the tentacles have begun to bend over any inorganic or organic object.

He measured the unexcited voices, then slowly, carefully unhooked the bum bag, unzipped it, took out the screwdriver and the roll of duct tape.

His speech was slow and mellow, measured and unexcited, his gestures were wide, and new teeth gave him a vulpine smile out of all proportion to his emotion.