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Undun is the tenth studio album by American hip hop band The Roots, released on December 2, 2011, by Def Jam Recordings. Recording sessions for the album took place at several recording locations in Philadelphia and New York City. Production was handled primarily by Questlove, record producer and drummer for the band.

Undun incorporates neo soul and indie music elements. It is an existential concept album about the short, tragic life of fictional character Redford Stevens, set in urban poverty, and is told through a reverse-chronological narrative.

The album performed modestly on music charts and sold 112,000 copies in the United States. Upon its release, Undun received acclaim from music critics, who praised its existential subject matter, production quality, and the band's musicianship. It was included on several critics' year-end lists of best albums.

Undun (song)

"Undun" is a popular song by Canadian rock band The Guess Who. It spent two weeks at #21 on the Canadian Singles Chart in November–December 1969 and reached #15 on the U.S. adult contemporary chart and #22 on the Billboard Hot 100.

It was written by Randy Bachman after hearing Bob Dylan's " Ballad in Plain D", which included the phrase "she was easily undone". Bachman's song tells the story of a girl whom he had seen at a party who slipped into a coma after dropping acid. The song takes its structure from new jazz guitar chords Bachman had learned from his friend and neighbor Lenny Breau. Bachman's former bandmate Burton Cummings, during The Guess Who's 2000 reunion tour, Running Back Thru Canada, declared the song to be one of Bachman's finest compositions and "one of the best songs ever written by any Canadian songwriter". Bachman himself has stated that "Undun" is his favorite song from his time as a member of The Guess Who.

The original 4:17 version of "Undun", complete with a country guitar section at the end, appeared on The Guess Who's 1969 album, Canned Wheat, and was initially released as the B-side of the single " Laughing" which peaked on August 23, 1969. The song was subsequently released as a 3:26 single (omitting the country guitar section) after it gained popularity when disc jockeys started turning the "Laughing" record over.

Undun (disambiguation)

Undun is a 2011 existentialist concept album by the hip hop band The Roots.

Undun may also refer to:

  • Undun (song), a 1969 top 40 hit single by the Canadian band, The Guess Who, often mistakenly referred to as "She's Come Undone".
  • Lake Undun, lake on island of Roti, Indonesia